Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life this winter while also seeing some of the most stunning winter scenery ever? Well, lucky for you, Europe offers the best cities and views for the perfect winter getaway.

Kuusamo, Finland

kuusamo finland

Finland is known all around the world for its spectacular winter views. From the icy waters to the Northern Lights, Finland is the perfect location for a winter getaway. Not only are there amazing sites to see, but tons of fun activities for the whole family. Stay awhile and visit Ruka, a popular ski resort in Kuusamo, and try out some favorite winter sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Or, if gliding down mountains solo isn’t your style, sign up for a reindeer or dog pulled tour around the remarkable lands of Kuusamo. Who knows, maybe you could have the real-life Rudolph pulling your sleigh, and who wouldn’t want to meet the real-life Rudolph during their Christmas break?

Groningen, Netherlands

groningen christmas tree

Come stay in Groningen, Netherlands and stroll down the streets or take a cozy boat ride through the city as you look at the beautiful snow-covered houses and warm orange sky. The Netherlands is the perfect place to visit this winter if you want a classic winter feel. Or if you want to experience more of what the Netherlands has to offer, come and hike the Grand Randonnée that extends through multiple European countries. The Netherlands has the perfect experience for every type of traveler, from relaxing to hiking, there is an adventure waiting for you.

Bergen, Norway

bergen norway

There is no doubt that Norway has breathtaking sites, so why not experience them yourself? Go see the clear open sky and deep blue ocean for yourself, instead of clicking through images on the internet. Bergen is the second largest city in all of Norway and is known for its extraordinary mountain ranges. At times, it is referred to as the ‘City of Seven Mountains’. At only a plane ride away, the scenery of Bergen, Norway could give you the most amazing winter experience of your life.

Geneva, Switzerland

winter ski

Time to brush up on your high school French skills and come explore the city of Geneva in Switzerland this winter to experience this wonderland. As the second most highly populated city in Switzerland, this place is sure to provide you with a good time. Not only will you be able to see the lively city of Geneva in full motion, but neighboring the beautiful city is a popular tourist ski resort named Avoriaz. The resort is surrounded by mountains for skiing, or visitors can ride on chair lifts and check out the awesome views. Whatever you decide to do, you will have an amazing view. Remember to bring your camera because you won’t want to forget these sites.

Bern, Switzerland

bern switzerland

Now this view has got to be one of the best this winter. Rooftops powdered with snow and a rose sunset setting behind a glorious city while snowflakes sprinkling down upon you, what more could you ask for? This city was built for a winter dream, or maybe just the perfect Hallmark movie. Regardless of your preference, this city has romance and glee written all over it. While you are visiting Bern, extend your stay and visit some of the other sites to see! Walk the world’s longest footbridge or maybe visit the city of Lavertezzo. Switzerland offers too many amazing sites not to stay for a while.

Bavaria, Germany

polar bear

Located in the southeastern Germany, this glorious state has an array of cities that are perfect for winter time. The capital of the region, Munchen, is the third most populated city in the entire country and the most populated city in Bavaria. Other cities that you can find while traveling through Bavaria are: Nuremburg, Regensburg, Bamberg, Augsburg and Würzburg. These cities are definitely worth seeing. From the rolling mountains to the frozen lakes and rivers, you will definitely get your money’s worth on a plane ticket to one of these beautiful towns and cities.

Kastoria, Greece

winter village

This winter wonderland can be found in the northern region of West Macedonia. The charming town is surrounded by mountains covered with frosted trees and delightful churches and homes. You can saunter through the winding roads dusted in snow and surrounded by huge towering trees or climb up the mountains and see an aerial view of the entire town. The inviting nature of this small town is perfect for a cozy winter experience. You can even buy some authentic fur apparel since the town of Kastoria is known for its fur production. This town is the ideal setting for any Christmas movie, minus the cheesy ending (unless you really want one), so come visit this winter season.

Stockholm, Sweden

stockholm sweden

Stockholm is a heavily populated city and the capital of the country of Sweden. The angelic setting of the city is one you must visit at least once in your lifetime. The winter months are especially spectacular for scenic views and breathtaking photos. Other than enjoying the incredible landscape and scenery that Stockholm has to offer, travelers can explore all that the fast-paced capital has to offer. Stockholm is nothing short of an incredible adventure for you and your loved ones this winter season – so book your tickets now to the beautiful capital of Sweden.
Any of these eight destinations would be perfect for a winter holiday. The best (and cheapest) time to book tickets is right now, so make sure to book yours so you don’t miss seeing these views of a lifetime. But make sure to pack a warm winter coat and big fuzzy snow boots, you’re going to need them.