Anger is an important emotion of us that demands to be felt just like pain or other feelings. Some people find it very hard to manage their anger or control it enough to live peacefully. Following are few tips for your better anger management.

Replace Your Anger With Gratitude

We are going to suggest you the hacks that we have experienced for ourselves. The foremost is to replace your anger with the feeling of gratitude. You can collect enough reasons in your daily routine to be grateful about and when you will be full of this thankfulness, you won’t be able to stay angry for long.

You could be grateful to your sustainer for his endless blessings that he has showered upon you till now, or to your parents for countless reasons or to your friends and family for sharing their lives and love with you. This gratitude then helps you magnanimously, in perfect anger management.

Laugh Your Anger Off

Another very useful tip is to try and laugh off your angry emotion. Generally, when the emotion begins to build up, and we know we don’t want it, we try to run away from it by leaving the house or by isolating ourselves. The best way to cope with it is to welcome it by a smile. When this emotion starts to build in you, face it and then push yourself to laugh it off.

If you find it extremely difficult then try to guide your mind to somewhere else where you can easily be amused and then laugh it off and help your own anger.

Use Time

This may sound unreliable but people around the world has observed it through practice and it has more or less helped them manage their anger. Use time as your tool, to take all the anger out of you at one time during an entire day. As we also acknowledge that it is an emotion that demands to be felt. So, when you put a time for your anger it will help you to live in more peace for the rest of the day.

Divert You Mind

The best tip among the lot is to divert your mind when you feel angry and you can’t shake it off by a laugh, gratitude or by timing it. This hack helps a lot because when we are angry we are focusing on all the aspects and details of the issue at hand and that doesn’t let our mind to cool off. You must think about something else when you are under the strong influence of anger or divert your mind through eating, drinking, walking, driving or any other task.


Forgive others and enjoy the feeling of bliss that you feel in your heart. This can help you manage all your negative thoughts and emotions including anger. It is such a beautiful act of mercy and generosity that helps you, along with the person who has been forgiven. When you forgive others, you calm some blazing portion of your mind and kill your angry emotion, yourself, this helps you nurture happiness inside you and you can get rid of anger easily.