“No shortcuts of competition are involved on the web”

The basic level of website design is to engage visitors but here, the question is how? Firstly, understand how you can make a stronger grip on your target audience, what their interests are and what are the parameters that keep them engaged?

Online traffic has become an ultimate source of customers for financial, insurance and other similar firms. You’re aware of the fact that your customers are the lifeblood of your site. So, for designers especially to renovate financial site is not easy to pursue. The task of financial web design is quite complicated as compared to other businesses.

Thanks to technology who make things possible and give a chance to up close with customers to analyse their interests and demands.

While browsing any site, the homepage is the first to attract. Don’t you think it should look more elegant to emit reliable radiances?

Is your homepage pack up with resources?

Homepage design is key to unlock clients visiting. You have a few minutes to invade the eyes of users, so make sure design should be eye-catching instead of boring. Don’t try to make speculate theories over the first page and even don’t give a brief description of what is your company and how it works? All these statements demise user’s attention. Think and write far more interesting and engage in a way that forces the readers to knock at your contact details.

Never overload the homepage with tips, services and any other resources. Use the click button to highlight every corner of the site but follow proper style to bring customers’ interest to your site.

What are the highlights of the financial website advisor?

  • Responsive website design
  • Roadmaps are linear
  • Amazing visual designs
  • Excellent website color scheme
  • Fixed navigation bar
  • Animated text designs


Further look at 5 ways to engage users in financial web design


1. Make Navigation Easy

If you want visitors to stay long on your site, it’s important to make navigation design hassle-free and again simplicity is the better tool. Create an impressive menu to make your readers comfortable when they land to your site.

AltaStreet has leading navigation menu to engage users with content and functionality they’re looking for. The moment when a user struggles to move over a site for the relevant information, they feel it,s better to switch to another site. It’s very critical to keep them happy with our designing format. So, focus on easy but creative navigation menu designs.

The navigation can be improved by using the following perks:
✓ All navigation elements have clickable links
✓ Use appropriate navigation titles
✓ Make sure search feature works accurately
✓ Divide categories effectively

2. Simple layout

The simple and clear layout is good to imbibe to your site especially when you deal with a business like financial designs. Simple doesn’t mean it looks boring and dull, zero-in on some essential points with grace. Clear and functional layouts make your site easy to load on any device and build better navigation process.

In web design and layout, color matters a lot. It unleashes the inner beauty of your brand and put a good impression on visitors. But before apply a color scheme to your site, research deeply what suits to your site and what audience loves the most.

The simple layout helps to identify:
✓ What your website is all about?
✓ Figure out from where to take the next step?

3. Remember content should be there but minimum

Killer content racks up more audience attention. Show lesser, yet informative text along with visuals. Drag the user’s concentration on short videos and ads.

Website related to financial and insurance design tends to perform a great work; focussing on financial advisors, feature list and portfolio. At the end of a homepage, add some details of the company like what is it? But wrap up the content in fewer words don’t extend it too much and even fix phrases to motivate you in your respective business.

For content follow some tips such as:
✓ Simple sentences
✓ Stick to active voice
✓ Mix up your Word choice

4. Whitespace is helping element

In web design, don’t be afraid of whitespace. It’s merely a vacant space on a page. In reality, its empty which means no image or content. If it is used appropriately, it enhances the beauty of your designs. Sometimes it applies with a plan to differentiate features and other ideas. Rather looking here and there, users can easily discover what they want.

In a cluttered layout, visitors get disappointed with unusual content, images and videos. They don’t understand what and where to check first.

5. Easy to read fonts

Times New Roman and Arial are common fonts yet good for the site. But try to associate your creative ideas with the unique font style. An alluring style leaves no stone unturned to impress the readers. Whatever the option you adopted, it should be easy to read.

According to your business, you can turn to different font styles, for example, you’re running a financial advisor website, it requires simple plus professional font. Additionally, the font size should be well balanced. Heading and sub heading should be visualized at first quick glance and these should be large as compared to other text.

At the root of it, we give you a score that offers you an idea what the maximum probability is of you approaching to financial planner website design goals. By reading the above parameters, you’ll get a bunch of experience who works right for you and whoever has the most experience wins to engage customers.

While trying to create a whole site for your business, you might ignore the important traits that need to be put on the homepage to build stronger cornerstone. Homepage Web design is a tool that helps you to communicate with visitors from your depths, not your shallows.