If you are the owner of a small business, congratulations on your efforts. Do you know that small businesses have contributed more to economic growth than large-sized businesses? They have created more jobs, more opportunities and brought innovation and positive competition to the business industry. Small Business Association reports that small businesses added 14 million jobs to the market, which is 60 per cent of jobs created in the industry. Your business has added value to the market, but what’s next? It has been reported that 82% of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems. How to build revenue and remain a steady business entity at the same time? It is time to boost your revenue and take the next leap forward to establish yourself as a key player in your niche.

We have made a list of tools which can help your business close more deals and increase the revenue of your business manifolds. These are modern tools which are built by experiment and by keeping customer feedback in consideration. Let’s take a look:


Salesmate is one of the most intelligent sales tools out there which seamlessly aligns all your sales efforts on a single platform. It is one of the smartest sales CRM tools for sales monitoring as well. You will notice a boost in revenue after using this tool because you will make decisions based on data, not wild assumptions. Organize your sales process, win more deals and automate your interactions using this tool. Here are some of the key features of Salesmate:

  • Sales pipeline template. One of the best features of this tool, because everything is ready for your sales team to enter data and kick off a project
  • Pipeline management
  • Tracking activities
  • Smart emails which identify and personalize messages for you
  • Sales goals tracking
  • Sales visibility
  • Integration with mobile apps in a smooth and easy to use interface
  • Security and reliability, data protection and backup services
  • Salesmate offers a free trial to its users
  • Customer service is top-notch, and always a call/email/message away


Have you been using MS Excel as your spreadsheet software for time tracking and database management? Here is a smart way to do that in the sales process: use Toggl. It will take over time tracking and prove to be a great alternative to manual spreadsheet maintenance. The tool is simple and very easy to use. Anyone can begin using Toggl and feel at home with the interface. You can keep a tab on the sales team’s efforts by checking the amount of time a salesperson spends on projects.

Toggl helps you and your team save time and increases the productivity of the team by identifying things which are killing efficiency. Create detailed reports by project, client, week and days. This way, you can betterfocus on things which require more concentration and projects or clients which should be dealt with immediately. This feature contributes to the overall accuracy of your sales process and increases revenue and billing hours.

Use Toggl for free as a productivity enhancement tool, or avail two premium packages provided by Toggl which provide a complete time management solution.


As your business moves towards growth, you will consider hiring more employees and assign them projects to work with. To do so, you need a smart product management tool. This tool should help you track the progress of business activities and keep an open communication with your team. Dapulse is a great project management tool for small businesses. There is a central dashboard which displays current projects and goals related to each project. This dashboard is available for viewing by all team members and notifications can be sent to the team members who are in charge of these projects. The team can stay on the same page, and a check and balance system helps in productivity enhancement.


Nutcache was originally introduced as a time-tracking tool, but has evolved into a complete project management solution which can promote collaboration in your small business team. Invoices can be built easily by using Nutcache and time management can also be done on the same platform. Small business owners have to deal with many things at once. A tool like Nutcache provides effective time tracking, revenue building, and expense management solutions.

The latest updates of Nutcache has a variety of features like timers for the web which you can run to stay punctual on different tasks throughout the day. Track time throughout the duration of the task, quote it in the client invoice as the exact hours spent on the task and create a bill which takes into account hours spent and work done.


One of the most confusing aspects of running a small business is dealing with the customers. The deal doesn’t end if a customer buys from you. You have to look into ways of increasing your customer retention stats, so it boosts the annual revenue of your business. Customers who have already bought from you have more chances of making another purchase from your business. Intercom is a great tool for small businesses to communicate with current, pending and long-time customers. If you are a website-based company, this tool will prove to be even more effective because it takes over your customer service process and makes it simpler.

Intercom offers a whole suite of solutions to businesses regarding lead generation, follow up calls, providing awareness and conversion building. You can interact with your customers in a better way and respond to their queries faster on multiple platforms.

Last word

Each of these tools serves a different purpose for businesses since they are built for businesses of every size. It is up to business owners to decide which tool suits them best. All of these tools are designed to cater to the modern business owner of today, with multiple integration options and customizable interface. Take your time and do your homework before choosing each tool, especially the paid ones. The good news is that all of these tools offer a free trial version making it easy for you to experiment and decide.