Valentine’s Day is in the not too distant future and couples young and old will be preparing their own plans to woo their other half. If, however, you are yet to make concrete arrangements, or just need a little inspiration for the big day, we have you covered with 10 ways that you can get your romance on.

Cook a Delicious Meal for Two

You don’t necessarily have to make reservations at an expensive restaurant to sweep your significant other off of their feet. In fact, taking the time and effort to cook a meal from scratch arguably demonstrates more love and affection than paying for someone else to cook for you.

Dress to Impress

Whether you do decide to stay in or go out for the evening, dress to impress. We love to look good for the one we love and dress up for the occasion and there’s certainly no better reason than for Valentine’s Day.

Watch a Romantic Movie

On Valentine’s Day, cinemas will be awash with romantic movies hitting the big screen. Whether you prefer the whole cinematic experience or quite happy sticking on the DVD of your favourite tried and trusted blockbuster, nothing beats cosying up together to a good rom-com, chick flick or full-on romantic film.

Sprinkle Rose Petals around the House

Looking for ways to surprise your other half when they come home from work? If so, why not sprinkle rose petals around the house? Sprinkle them on the dining table, up the stairs, around the pigs ear handrail, and into the bedroom to set the mood for the evening’s activities.

Write a Love Letter or Poem

Are you guilty of not saying enough how much your partner means to you? If so, open your hearts and find the right words in the form of a love letter or poem. Even if your literary work isn’t exactly Shakespeare, remember that it is the thought that counts.

Make Love Tokens and Present to your Partner

Want to give your loved one something that they can make use out of for the days and weeks to come? If so, then create your very own love tokens. Play your cards rights and this could be a present for the both of you!

Put Together a Mixtape or Playlist

Back in the pre-digital age, people used to make mixtapes for that special someone filled with songs that held a sentimental value. In 2018, however, it is more likely that you would compile a playlist consisting of both of your favourite songs. It’s much easier than listening out on the radio and hitting record on every song while trying to cut out the DJ’s voice.

Go Back to Where it all Began

If you have been together for a considerable amount of time, one of the most romantic places that you can take someone is back to where you first met or where you had your first date. Roll back the years and fall in love all over again.

Make Your Own Presents

Want to do something special this Valentine’s Day, but still feeling the effects of Christmas on your bank balance? Simple, make something for each other! Much the same as penning your own love letter or poem, something made by comes from the heart!

Play Games for Couples

Make your Valentine’s Day extra fun by playing games with your partner. See who knows the most about each other with Mr & Mrs style games or mix it up and add your own twists!