2019 is an exciting year for design. Style projections point to the comeback of midcentury interiors and saturated hues. Although some styles of the past year won’t be losing their charm soon, incorporating new design elements into your own personal or commercial spaces will keep them looking fresh and fashionable throughout the year.

So what are the current design trends, and how can you use them to update your home or office? Here’s a quick guide.

Pantone Splashes

In 2018, rose gold and ultraviolet had decorated walls and were the top, preferred accents. This year, the theme will lean toward living coral, a lovely hue with a strong futuristic vibe. This beautiful hue works well with warm matte red and naturally rich colors like concentrated shades of blue, although it also works really well with pastels.

There are plenty of ways you can include living coral in your home design without having to include a costly makeover. Subtle splashes of living coral in your home decor or wall paintings, for example, can do the job, given that the color fits with your current theme.

The trick is to not overdo it. You also have to make sure it complements your current design, or your whole efforts will end up being counterproductive.

Style Moderne

Also known as art deco style, this interior fad from the mid-centuries will return to home interiors this year. Art deco is characterized by a dramatic aesthetic that evokes a timeless and elegant appeal.

The most typical features of the art deco movement include the following:

  • Geometrics. From fabrics to wallpapers to flooring, geometric patterns serve as a concrete background for a one-of-a-kind cosmopolitan home.
  • Bold colors. Deep red and purple that provides a saturated contrast within interior elements is a style of the art deco movement. High-contrast combinations create an interesting blend in the environment and lends a room much of its character.
  • Visual drama. Central to the art deco style is its affinity to intricate details, a timeless feature of elegance still evident in many historic architectures and interiors today. Perhaps this is the perfect excuse to finally get that ornate vanity or accent table you’ve been eyeing.
  • Mirrors. Unlike the parsimonious, minimalist use of mirrors in Scandinavian interiors, the art deco style struts mirrors in their most glorious cuts and sizes, favoring the bold and unconventional geometric shapes and making it central to the whole design ensemble.
  • Metallic finishes. The metallic-finish fad has been around for a few years now, and with the comeback of art deco, it looks like metallic finishes won’t be going away soon. Best for this year’s theme are brass, nickel, and chrome, which will perfectly suit your mirror accents and dramatically detailed furnishings.

Matte Black

Speaking of high contrast, nothing creates a more dramatic variance in a room than going full black does. Dark floors coupled with white walls in semigloss instantly turn your personal space into an interesting interior.

The pairing is not limited to walls and floors. You can also extend this theme down to your choice of kitchenware without the act being redundant. It’s also fairly simple to choose accents with a black-and-white theme since they easily stand out.

Natural Fabrics

Born out of modern discussions on embracing the natural, the use of organic textiles for the home is seen to linger for long. If you’ve been watching design trends in the past few years, you’ll know that the trend has been around for some time now, brought into the front line by popular minimalist aesthetics and the rise of the DIY culture.

Natural fabric renders homes a restful, peaceful character, staying elegant and timeless without drawing much attention to itself. When paired with the right elements, it will be an integral part of your design aesthetic.


The minimalist philosophy has successfully penetrated mainstream culture, thanks to its delightfully practical approach to living that is seen by many to be a relief from the overwhelmingly consumeristic state of the world.

As more people adopt the trend, it only makes sense to predict its suspension in popular culture. The fact that a lot of the design elements in minimalism are easy to come by is also a feature that makes it appealing, especially among homeowners who have no time to mull over expensive and time-consuming design preparations.

So if you’re looking to keep your home trendy, look no further than planning a little purge and letting go of things that you don’t need. Who says you need to keep adding more to keep up with the trend?

Scandinavian Aesthetics

The uniquely cozy vibe of cottagey Scandinavian interiors is a huge success among homeowners in the past year. This year, the trend is only going stronger, reflecting a need for a restful home that focuses on well-being instead of elaborate, fancy aesthetics.

Natural textiles, whitewashed homes, wood floors and furnishings, along with the use of natural lighting are all staples of the còsagach, lagom, and hygge trends.


Also an integral component of the art deco style, adding metallic touches and finishes to your ensemble will render it extra classy and trendy for the year. Gold especially takes the spotlight. Consider integrating this classic piece into your furnishings and accents. Pair them with natural finishes and upscale appliances for an ultramodern picture of interior elegance.


There’s never a wrong time to get the greens indoors. What changes, however, is the kind of plant that seizes center stage each year. In 2019, look for greens with patterned leaves or those with great symmetry. The fiddle leaf tree, as well as the Chinese money plant, are all lovely options that you can bring into your own indoor garden.

Statement Ceilings

Given that dramatic details and high contrast are in style, it’s no surprise that statement ceilings should be in vogue for the year. You can repurpose your wall decor into ceiling art. Add faux support beams to give it a little makeover, or invest in statement chandeliers for a classy finish.

Here are some great ideas for inspiration.

Your Personal Touch

Make your home your own by putting your own personal touch into your design. Don’t be afraid to experiment with these styles and own it up. Remember that, in creating a beautiful interior for your home, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your comfort.

You should also take into consideration the cost of remodels. There are plenty of ways to make your home look trendy without raiding the bank.

Most importantly, have fun on the process. Don’t invest too much, and take it as the ultimate interior setup. It’s called a trend for a reason, after all.

Bottom Line

In 2019, interior design looks into the future, all while retaining the aesthetic values of the old and maintaining the much-needed focus on harmony and balance that are necessary for the livability of any personal space. So keep your comfort first. Make it yours to make it home.