As human beings that rely on the resources of this planet to survive and thrive, it is our duty to, at least, take care of our environment. For generations, we have been becoming increasingly negligent and altogether selfish. Perhaps it’s time to change that. We are not talking about going out and planting forests; the little things count as much as the big things when it comes down to it.

As an individual, one of the easiest things you can do to help your environment is adopting certain habits inside and outside your home that will be beneficial for everyone around you.


Automobiles account for an extraordinary amount of emissions, nearly all of which are dangerous for the environment. During the recent years, the phenomenon of global warming has reached such a critical point, that if we don’t cut back on these emissions right now, we might do irreversible damage to the planet and by extension, the human race.

Truth be told, it isn’t even necessary for every individual to own a gas powered car or motorcycle. Alas, human beings value their ease of convenience and time way above the needs of the environment.

So, what other means of transport can you employ?

Bicycles. For short distance commutes, a bicycle is the best alternative. It is environmentally friendly, has zero emissions and is incredibly healthy for you. This can be an excellent means of exercise, which sadly, we don’t give much importance to, anymore. No wonder the problem of obesity has reached epidemic proportions across the globe.

Electric bicycles are another option. They have a small, rechargeable battery and an attached electric motor which can assist the rider in case they became exhausted. This is a cleaner, greener and healthier alternative to the typical mode of transport which the majority of the public uses.

And the best part, it cuts down on your costs by a huge margin. You can use that extra money for other things, that you would otherwise be spending on spare parts, fuel, car maintenance, servicing, tires etc.


An excessive amount of water is wasted every year by people who don’t know its value. It is essential that we implement certain tools to conserve as much water as possible as well as teaching our young ones not to allow water taps and faucets to run unnecessarily. For example, when they are brushing their teeth or washing their hands.

Upgrading your toilet will also help in this aspect. Newer models consume nearly five times less water with every flush as opposed to previous types.

This will greatly reduce the depletion of water and avoid shortage in the future.


Incandescent light bulbs use an unwarranted amount of power and expire rather quickly. Switching over to LED bulbs will help you conserve costs as you will be using less electricity; this is beneficial for you both from a financial perspective and an environmental aspect.

LED bulbs are long lasting, available in a wide array of colors, immune to the elements, and consume a lot less energy while providing a brighter glow that feels more welcoming.


This may seem radical but has the greatest impact on the environment. Switching to renewable energy sources like solar power for most of your electronics and appliances is a great step towards creating an eco-friendly environment.


When it comes to cleaning products, air sprays, fresheners, detergents, soaps, you’d be best served to use a product that is entirely natural. The chemicals in most cleaning products now a days can cause a variety of health problems.

The same applies to most makeup materials and lotions. They are loaded with an excessive amount of chemicals that do more harm than good. Try to read the ingredients and opt for something a little more natural.


Recycling and reusing are necessary in order to sustain a clean, healthy environment. This eco-friendly attitude will go a long way in making the world a better place.

This also means opting out of using plastic and instead using other materials that can be recycled.